Just some of the Foods and healthy tip insight I have used since and during training for National Physique Competitions which in turn empowered me to live healthier.


  • Fruits & Veggies
    1. Asparagus
    2. Green Beans
    3. Spinach
    4. Arugula
    5. Kale
    6. Broccoli
    7. Onions
    8. Mushrooms
    9. Bell Peppers
    10. Cucumbers
    11. Celery
    12. Apples
    13. Bananas
    14. Strawberries
    15. Blueberries
    16. Raspberries
    17. Grapefruit
  • ComplexCarbohydrates
    1. Oatmeal
    2. Brown Rice
    3. Sweet Potatoes
    4. Quinoa
    5. Ezekiel Bread
    6. Plain Quaker Rice Cakes
  • HealthyFats
    1. Almond Butter
    2. Natural Peanut Butter
    3. Avocado
    4. Unsalted Almonds
  • Proteins
    1. Protein powder
    2. 99/1% Extra Lean Ground Turkey
    3. Salmon
    4. Bison
    5. Chicken Breast
    6. Lean Ground Beef (94% or leaner)
    7. Egg Whites
  • ***Things to Avoid***
    1. Corn & corn based products
      1. corn starch
      2. corn syrup
      3. corn… etc.
    2. Canola Oil used to cook food or in food
    3. Processed Foods
    4. Carbonated Drinks
      1. soda/pop
      2. sugar filled drinks
    5. Artificial Sweeteners
    6. Artificial Juice Drinks
  • Approved Seasonings
    1. FlavorGod Seasoning
    2. Mrs. Dash Seasoning
    3. Stevia
    4. Honey
    5. Salsa
    6. Mustard
    7. Hot Sauce
    8. Reduced Sugar Ketchup
    9. Apple Cider Vinegar
    10. Red Wine Vinegar (not vinaigrette)
  • Other
    1. Digital Food Scales
    2. Measuring Cups
    3. Coffee/Tea
    4. Unsweetened Almond Milk
    5. Water (Alkaline preferably)

How Do I Control My Cravings?

“As far as ways to combat cravings, I have MANY! Hot tea in various different flavors is a life saver for me. I honestly have a whole cabinet full! When I’m having a sweet tooth craving, I head for
my arsenal of teas, add a packet of stevia, and it totally helps! Tea is great because it’s calorie free so you can drink as much as you want and ultimately the more you drink, it will end up making you feel full as well! And the packet of stevia mixed with some of my favorite sweet flavors is the perfect little fix.”

“Another thing I do is mix my protein shakes really thick so they kind of resemble pudding. So I just do one scoop of whey iso with a TINY TINY bit of water so its real thick and then I stick it in the freezer for a bit…and there you have protein “ice cream”! 🙂 A scoop of protein powder with a tbs of egg whites and a little water popped into the microwave for a few seconds is also a nice little treat! And remember, stevia is your friend! You can sweeten almost anything with stevia and it is diet friendly! I also LOVE Walden Farms Calorie Free Pancake Syrup. I buy mine on amazon or bodybuilding.com I always add some into my oats every morning of if I make protein pancakes! I highly recommend this!”

“The best thing to remember is this: cravings are like bad feelings- they suck while they’re around, but they ALWAYS go away!” – Paige Hathaway

What is the Difference Between Whey and Casein Protein?

“Whey isolate is a fast digesting protein so it is necessary for quick absorption post workout. Casein is a slow digesting protein which is why I recommend it at bed time because it forces the metabolism to continue working throughout the night!” – Paige Hathaway

I’m Not Seeing Progress In My Midsection.

“As far as those tightening up that midsection, it does take time..and consistency with your diet and training! Have you heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen”?..It’s SO true..a true testament to the importance of clean eating! We unfortunately cannot spot reduce body-fat. What happens is when you build lean muscle and overall body-fat percentage decreases, the entire body tones up. Everyone has those areas that we consider our “problem areas”, and those tend to be slowest as far as noticing our cuts because that is where our bodies hold the majority of our body-fat. For majority of women, it does tend to be in our midsections. But I promise that if you stay consistent with your program and trust the process, your body-fat will continue to decrease, and you WILL see those areas tone and tighten as well! :)” – Paige Hathaway

Why Am I Hungry All the Time?

“Feeling hungry in between your meals is a sure sign that your metabolism is speeding up, which is exactly what we want. Your body should regulate and this feeling should subside, but I do not want you to feel as though you are starving or that your energy levels are being compromised so please keep me posted on this. You can add in any additional green veggies as the volume and fiber will help keep you full, and make sure you are getting in all of your water as well!” – Paige Hathaway

I’m Going On A Trip, Any Tips to Stick to My Diet?

“To ease your mind with traveling, I want to give you some of the tips I use! There are MANY ways you can stick to your plan and still enjoy yourself while being “out of your element”! If you happen to go out to a restaurant, my advice would be to order a lean meat, something like a grilled chicken breast or white fish and veggies and maybe some rice and just ask that they do not prepare it in any butters or oils! That way you can go out to eat and still eat clean/stick
to your plan. I’ve never been to a restaurant that denied my request to prepare my food that way! Sometimes you just have to tell them you are on a “special diet” and they won’t question you!” – Paige Hathaway

“My other piece of advice is to prepare as many meals ahead of time as you can so that when you are out and about, you are prepared and will have no reason to veer off of your plan and grab something quick and unhealthy. Take ziplock baggies of protein powder with you, so if you are in a pinch you can drink a quick protein shake! Pack baggies of raw veggies, rice cakes for your carbs, and almonds for your fats and replace what is your plan for those quick alternatives if you need to! Please try hard not to skip any meals- you will just be left hungry and have more of a desire to cheat! Things like tuna packets are good replacements for your protein because they don’t need to be refrigerated as well! I carry all of my meals in a 6 pack fitness bag that I ordered online at sixpackbags.com. There are other similar travel coolers out there, but I thought I’d share with you what works for me since I travel a ton! Meal prep and a travel cooler are honestly my life savers when it comes to sticking to my diet on the go! I hope these tips make you feel more at ease!” – Paige Hathaway

What Time Should I Have My Last Meal?

“There is no cutoff time for your last meal. In fact, I am often eating my last meal of the day which is usually a casein shake and PB as well as I’m laying in bed! 🙂 The idea that you should stop eating after a certain time in the night is one of the biggest myths when it comes to weight loss! It’s important that you actually not go to bed on an empty stomach. What happens when you sleep is you are essentially fasting, so if you go to bed hungry, the body’s defense mechanism to protect itself from starving is to store fat! When you eat a small meal like a protein shake before bed, it actually keeps your metabolism steady and allows the body to continue burning calories even when you’re sleeping!” – Paige Hathaway

I Haven’t Lost As Much Weight As I Wanted

“I don’t want you to over focus on the number on the scale. Our weight can actually fluctuate several pounds in a given day based on many factors..how close you are to your cycle, water intake, sleep, stress, etc! The best indicators of progress will always be how you feel and fit in your clothes and photos and your photos do indicate progress!” – Paige Hathaway

I’m Getting Sick

“It’s important that when you aren’t feeling well that do you take the necessary time off from training to rest and recover! My other piece of advice for you to to increase your water intake! Definitely get in at least 1 gallon a day, minimally! This is very important when you aren’t feeling well, especially, because it will help to flush out the bacteria and toxins in the body. Try stay on point with your diet as closely as you can! I know it can be challenging when you aren’t feeling well, but try your hardest to get all of your meals in to keep your metabolism steady, and of course, and good clean diet will provide you with the vitamins and nutrients you need to recover faster. Most importantly, I don’t want you to stress about falling off track! You may feel as though you are holding water for a couple of days, and that is normal when being sick! But I can assure you that once you’re feeling better and after a few days of consistency on your plan, increased water intake, and getting back to your normal routine of training, things will fall right back in to place! Take care of yourself, and keep me posted on how you are feeling!” – Paige Hathaway

General Rule For Weights

“For the amount of weight you should be lifting, my general rule of the thumb is that the last 2-3 reps of your set should be challenging. If not, bump your weight up a bit! But never go so heavy that you feel you are jeopardizing your form!” – Paige Hathaway